Standalone Humidity Sensor BHS-06

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The sensor measures the relative humidity of the air.

The sensor measures the relative humidity of the air. It contains a temperature sensor together with a humidity sensor to calculate additional paramters like dew-point, difference, water vapor pressure. The anti-radiation shield (shlter) is made from UV- resistant polycarbonate to keep the bright white color after years. The bottom side of the plates are painted to dead black to keep the radiation error below 0.4%/0.2'C.


The thermal drifts of the moisture sensor is uniquely calibrated and stored in the internal microcontroller as a calibration table. The microcontroller makes automatic software thermal compensation of the natural measured moisture, so yhe output of the device is a temperature independent compensated, accurate value.


Besides the basic parameters, the instrument also provides some important data such as dew point of air, portial pressure of water vapor, etc.


Technical Data





   Measuring Range 0...100%

    Resolution              0.1%

    Accuracy                2% FSR

    Setup Time            10 sec.

    Output                     Rs-485 System-6 or Modbus protocol

    Power Supply       12 V / 10 mA max.