Complex gas and environmental sensor - BGS-06

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The air temperature, humidity and pressure are measured as well.

The BGS-06 device measures the gas concentration in the ug/m3 – ppb range, hence it can be used not just for disaster recovery but for generic environmental purposes also.
The operation is based on a new method, which is different from the one used in the generally used,
cheap devices.The BGS-06 device has electrochemical gas detectors which go flat with time and use.

Substitute detectors are sold by Boreas Ltd.The sensor can measure 8 gases at top. The air  temperature

humidity and pressure are measured as well. It can be used independently because of its inner memory

and the optional GPRS and GPS adapter. The physical interface of the device is 

either RS-485 or RS-232 compliant, but it also canbe used directly with PC using USB.
The device has polyglot (multilingual) protocol to support Boreas' System-6 and the
industry-standard MODBUS protocol simultaneously so the customer has the ability to use our latest
development results with our BCU dataloggers or to implement industrial process control with MODBUS-compatible PLC.
We recommend our GasAndRoses software which runs on any Linux distribution.

The software express the gas concentration in different units (ppm, ppb, ug/m3, etc.). The moving average is expressed
automatically. The software has Excel-compatible file-output.