BPD-06 Precipitation Detector

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The BPD-06 is used to detect falling (solid or liquid) precipitation.

The BPD-06 is used to detect falling (solid or liquid) precipitation. The device has two ways of operation: the usual 2 bit output for four differentintensity levels, and a two-way serial connection, then the sensing surface‘smoisture is displayed digitally between levels 0 (not wet) and 100 (fullywet). The device detects the precipitation appearing on the sensing surface incapacitive mode. The capacitive probe is defended from corrosion bysuperficial gilding and by a green-colored layer of lacquer.


The device is designed to follow the trace precipitation precisely. The sensing surface has a pre-heater and a stabilizing heater regardingdawn dew and winter season. The pre-heater can be turned on/off. In the case of having it turned on,the sensing surface is warmer than it's environment about 2-3 C, so the device won't be perturbedby the usually appearing (dawn) dew (dew doesn't appear on warm surface). 


The heater stabilizesthe sensing surface's temperature to be over 0 C if the air temperature is below 7-8 C, and meltssnow with a reliable heat output even during intensive snowing.The device has polyglot (multilingual) protocol to support Boreas' System-6 and theindustry-standard MODBUS protocol simultaneously so the customer has the ability to use ourlatest development results with our BCU dataloggersor to implement industrial process controlwith MODBUS-compatible PLC. The physical interface of the device is RS-485 compliant. The data and power lines are protectedagainst overvoltage.


Technical Data 

                                                                      Rain status 


Measuring Range                                     0-100% surface

Resolution                                                  1% 

Accuracy                                                    5 % FSR 

Settling Time                                             10 sec. 

Power                                                          8-15 V / 5mA avg., 10 mAmax. 

Data Interface Digital                               RS-485 

Communication                                         System-6 and MODBUS RTU protocol 

Overvoltage Protection                           +/-6,7V 600W@1msec (data lines)

Power                                                          +/-17,1V 600W@1msec (power line)

                                                                       8-15 V / 5mA avg., 10 mAmax.